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“When I joined Stroller Strides I had one fitness goal: to drop the baby weight! I started at the end of August. By October I was 4 pounds away from my goal. In addition, I had gained tone, and muscle. In mid-October I found out I was pregnant again and I have a new fitness goal. I will continue working out with Stroller Strides to stay in shape and healthy during my pregnancy. Stroller Strides not only helps me reach goals, but I also feel great at the end of each workout. I can work out at my pace, so I can get what I need without over exertion. The best part is I can do all this with my baby and a great group of women!” - MP

"Stroller strides is awesome. They really genuinely care . While on vacation from California i was lucky enough to make a few classes. The instructors were very professional ,fun, and made sure the kids enjoyed themselves as well. Keep up your awesome work ladies!" S.A.

"The great workout and the great people! Thanks to Kristin I'm back in my pre pregnancy jeans and exercising more than I ever did before my baby was born. - M.B.

"I joined stroller strides to get back in shape after two kids. It is a great no judgement area. So many times gyms are intimidating, but in this group you are surrounded by support and ladies who understand the issues that go along with having children. In addition to getting in shape because of the great workouts, it is a great social network for you and the kids. I have honestly never met such a caring, supportive, hilarious group of ladies! So in addition to losing over 25 lbs, I've also gained amazing friendships!" M.R.

"Stroller Strides has allowed me to appreciate what my body has done, is doing, and will do. I am a better version of my former self both inside and out." - AS

"I started for the exercise and I'm hooked because of the wonderful people. We do lots of different workouts and I'm never bored. It's challenging enough for me to set goals that I can actually obtain, but not so crazy that I feel discouraged. And, yes, I love talking to other mommmies and making friends. JH

"It's a great workout after baby. Not too many places allow u to have your baby w you when u workout. Kids get to socialize with other kids and Mommas get to stay fit. It's more than just walking." D.R.

"Stroller strides has helped me physically, emotionally, and socially."- A.S.

"Great socialization for me and the kids and thanks to Stroller Strides of Watertown, I'm back down to the weight I was in college even after two kids!" CH

"I joined Stroller Strides to get back in shape after having twins. Not only have I gotten back in shape and lost the baby wait, but I have met some awesome ladies. These ladies are not just my workout buddies, but a great support group and wonderful friends!!" SB

"It's a great way to get out of the house, make friends, socialize my son and stay fit and healthy!" KT

I joined Stroller Strides... "to meet new people, to get a great workout in, to be a positive role model for my daughter, and to get out of the house!" D.M.

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