Trisha Black

Owner | Instructor

I am a stay at home mom to three children, Kai (3), Abby (1), and Lilly (1). Fitness has been an interest and passion of mine since I was young. I have always loved running and working out and doing it with friends. In 2012 I completed the Crossfit level 1 certification. This only further inspired me to research and learn more about fitness. After I became pregnant with my first child, I was inspired to stay fit through pregnancy and be able to have the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible. Soon after the birth of my first, I became pregnant with what I thought was my second child...soon to find out I was actually carrying my second & third children - twins! Once the shock wore off, I was back to researching the newest and best fitness & nutrition for pregnant women. My second pregnancy was better than my first and I felt great throughout. After my second pregnancy, I decided not to go back to work and instead stay at home with my children. Through this I learned that I need and want friends with similar interests. Enter FIT4MOM! They provide not only an opportunity to be fit, but include my kids and meet some awesome mamas. I am excited to help other women find their tribe and enjoy motherhood!!

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