Colleen O'Shaughnessy

Stroller Strides Instructor

As all women do, I play many roles in life, but most importantly, I am mom to three little boys, wife to Matt, and a passionate believer in the support Fit4Mom provides to our community of moms!

After having my second baby, I felt isolated. I searched for breastfeeding support groups or other activities that would get me out of the house and into an open and supportive community of other women who 'got it'. Who knew what I was going through - how I could be so happy and simultaneously feel so alone. Who knew how hard it was to find the energy to pack up all the diaper bag, burp cloths, nursing cover, extra clothes, toys...just to walk out the door to have a diaper that exploded into the car seat. Who could sympathize with me that breastfeeding is amazing, and yet, part of me wanted my body to belong only to me again! When I learned of Fit4Mom, I knew I had found that community - that support system that welcomed me as a mom, with all the emotions that comes with motherhood!

My hope is that any mom in our area can find value in joining Fit4Mom - whether it's through our prenatal yoga classes, Stroller Strides, or simply participating in play groups or Moms Night Out events. If you're a mom, we want to meet you!

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